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Bad customer service. Somehow my bank is still investigating how my direct debit was cancelled and I didn't know they were not getting my payments a woman (rude) turned up at my home uninvited telling I was in arrears I had no idea I was in arrears at that time I was off work as getting sick pay when I rang them to try to sort it out they decided to increase my payments by an extra £50 a month on sick pay it was not possible after the first two months as my sick pay amount went down meaning it was not possible to pay the amount I rang them straight away and told them I would be a level to pay the full amount once my compensation for a work injury came through and left the conversation thinking they were in agreement. Only to find later that they were threatening me with court, I also received an invoice for £75 for two home visits that were supposed to have happened before the woman turned up when contacting them about it, I was told the dates these supposed visits took paces they told me that on one date !y car was not there the rest visits were in June and my car has not left my drive since April due to !e being unable to drive and the dates and times I was at home as I couldn't get around well I made an official complaint and was basically told I was lying a d that the visits did take place, but they would not provide with any proof of the supposed visits, after all this I had to voluntary surrender the car which I did on the 8th November 52 days later I'm still waiting for them to collect it. When contacting them about this I was told they were u able to contact me which is odd as both house and mobile phones have a voice mail facility and no messages had been left once again they blame me for their inadequacies. My complaints have been brushed aside and I'm told that it is all my fault they don't seem to take responsibility for anything
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Paying for a faulty car.

Bought a car on finance and just over a year later the engine completely failed. Took it to a garage where I am told it needs a completely new engine. Car is 4 years old with 50k miles. Servicing has been kept up my end in accordance with the finance contract. Finance company have basically said tough luck. Cars go wrong and you need to fix it yourself (£5000-£6000 repairs). The finance company still want their money though. My complaint has been on going for 3 months now and I’m not getting anywhere, they keep saying it isn’t their problem. I need help seriously because I’m now I’m financial difficulty and can’t afford my living costs!
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